17 January, 2014

Photography Mash-up I.

Wow. It is going to be my 6th birthday celebration of this blog. 
Im impressed how I managed to raise amount of visits through all this time and I must say I am so happy and pleased about every nice word you say. So Big Thank You!

Birthdays and presents, they kind of go together. So I have decided, I will give presents more often. Until now, on this blog you could see only my photos. Since now, I plan to regularly share with you work of photographers who I somehow got fascinated with, I like or deeply I appreciate. 

So let's go. Let's discuss 

Photography Mash-up I.
1. Tanya Habjouqa and her Palestinian Pleasures: 
I would say very optimistic series about Palestine. Normally we are media-hypnotized about things happening over there, so I was very keen to see that sun aslo shines in Palestine. 

2. A story about Greek crisis. No riots and no street fighting. Looks like everybody left.
Eirini Vourloumis - The Greek Economic

3. Paul Kranzler - The Bone House
Human skulls painted in flowers and leaves. Interesting story itself.

4. Jehad Nga photographs Malick Sidibe's atelier. This story should be memento for all photographers. More about Malick can be found here.

5. I fell in love with her. Instantly. Pepa HristovaWorthy to see whole portfolio. 

At the end, here it is, a very good advice from John Szarkowski.

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